La Rosa Bolsa

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IG_RoseColl.2017 (1 of 1)-4.jpg
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La Rosa Bolsa


ROSITA 17' COLLECTION by: RaggedyTiff (Jessica Resendiz)

Inspired by beautiful red rosas ( roses) and some Selena Quintanilla songs. I wanted to incorporate roses and reds in this collection because the vibrancy and mood brings back memories of Selena Songs. The Fallen Rose means sadness, heartbreaks and the definition of Pure love. I started sketching the fallen rose a.k.a ( rosita) back late in 2015 and decided to bring it to life to you all this spring 2017 . I hope you all love this collection as much i loved designing every single piece - Jessica. R

                  Please read carefully before ordering

- Bolsa basket weave Jute bag

- Measuring 12 x 12

- Steady rope handles

- 100% Hand painted on letters only " LA ROSA"

- Hand sewn Rosa Textile patterns

- Hand Embellished Sequins and beading

- Swarovski stones

- 3 small Poly soft tassles

- Bag stands by itself

- This piece will definitely make a statement

- Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

- All pieces are made to order

- After piece is ship, you will get shipping tracking # ( check your email to track your package)

- 100% hecho a mano ( Handmade ) not mass produce.

-Support Hand made & Local Designers

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