Ojo 2019 Print

Ojo 2019 Print


Mi Protector ( Ojo) Mini 2019 Collection

A Mini Collection inspired by #evileye . This Ojo Illustration Artwork features unique details incorporating my style, flow and vibe. I wanted to focus on a pastel color schemes this year details that screamed “ protection” and “ power” . So what does this Ojo illustration mean ? i been a firm believer for many years of protecting your sacred space specially YOU the temple of this world.

This is my version of protecting your space of bad luck, envious or harm, but with my own taste and eclectic style. Hope you love this collection as much as i enjoyed and loved designing these pieces for YOU ALL.

Mi Protector “OJO” Illustration Artwork By : Designer Jessica Resendiz


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- Prints are always have a special touch for your sacred space wether you want to add it to your home, office or classroom .

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  • 8x10 textured print

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