Friducha Throw Pillow

Friducha Throw Pillow



A dreamy and vibrant collection dedicated and inspired by the one in only iconic friducha. Each year i design and illustrate a piece that resembles her beauty. This year though i wanted to incorporate a retro feel with colors that pop. The Corazon with the different patterns represent emotions she went through in life , heartbreaking moments to happy moments as well. The abstract drops mean all the tears she cried over the years. This collection is by far one of my favorite ones and i hope you all love it as much as i adored designing each and every piece for you all. Y que viva la Friducha Porvida ~ Jess Resendiz designer and illustrator for @RAGGEDYTIFF


Please note we’re a small business and we work extra hard to deliver each piece with love.

  • Allow 2/3 weeks for delivery as each piece is made with love and to order

  • 100% handmade con amor

  • The most beautiful statement 3D Friducha throw pillow

  • Friducha measures about 10 inches wide 16 inches long

  • 100% hand-painted in high quality paint and glitter

  • Lovely details to give it a unique feel like beading

  • Colorful wool headpiece with flair details ( Colors vary and are all different for a one a kind touch)

  • embroidered

  • braided hair

  • Pink glitter lips

  • back secret heart pocket with a one of a kind touch

  • All sales are final

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