Discovered in 2010, RAGGEDYTIFF is known for its eclectic Folk-Cultural style, with an eccentric personality, & unique feel. Specializing in Accessories, Apparel, & Home Decor RAGGEDYTIFF is known for its Unique/Vibrant Textile prints, Craftsmanship & Exquisite one of a kind detailed pieces.

Founder, Jessica Resendiz was born in Queretaro, Mexico on January 11, 1987, but was raised in San Diego most of her childhood . She began creating hair accessories for herself at the age of 8yrs old and throughout her early years she created everything she wore from hair accessories to clothing. At the age of 12yrs old her curiosity grew more and more until it became a huge interest to her to learn how to hand stitch and also she began learning the whole process of using a sewing machine. By her Senior Year in High School her enthusiasm for Fashion became serious and she decided to pursue and attend Fashion School after graduating.  With many fashion schools to attend around the country, she decided to take her career path to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, California. This is where all her creativity began to be noticed and admired by professors, school staff, and college friends. After all these years, she'd realized that her creativity was something special and started creating hair accessories & apparel to sell in art shows, events, fashion shows, you name it. During the 3 years she attended FIDM, her knowledge for fashion became more well defined from sketching, pattern-making, fabrication, branding, merchandising, and marketing.

In June 2011, Jessica Graduated FIDM majoring in Fashion " Product Development" . After graduating, she focused on building her own brand and developing her own concepts into designs. And so Raggedy Tiff was born, where all her inspirations and creativity came to life. The name Raggedy Tiff came and was inspired by her 11yr old daughter Tiffany. She wanted to make sure she included her daughter into her brand ,Therefore the name stood out from the rest and its unique name made a statement to her clients and fans.

When Jessica is designing, she is inspired by the L.A cultural, Mexican heritage, Folk Art, Vivid Colors, Street Fashion, & Rare fabrics. Raggedy Tiff is for every daring woman who likes to be different and loves to be creative in her own sense of style. What is fascinating about Jessica is that she makes everything from scratch ( from start to finish) she is known for using vivid Prints, handcrafting each piece, hand painting every little detail & producing exquisite pieces of one of a kind.It has been a long road for Jessica, but all her hard work and creativity has brought her to where she's at now. With the support of her FiancĂ© Carlos, Daughter Tiffany , family & friends she will continue to design and create for all her loved ones. Most of all, for her clients who she appreciates and loves dearly. And Last but not least ,Her love for her roots and Cultura Mexicana. Every Inspiration and Pieces she designs has a touch of Cultura and that's what her brand is about . Designing with PRIDE and REPRESENTING the beauty of where you come from & that is Mexico.  

Jessica is currently working on her Holiday collection Dropping Nov 13th 2018 and Nov 23-24th 2018 . For more upcoming events please check all her social media  @raggedytiff for detail and dates.

Designer Jessica resides in the Heart of the San Fernando Valley,  During her free time she loves spending time with her daughter and Husband Carlos, Traveling, Art Shows, Museums, Festivals, Car Shows, & exploring new eatery restaurants.Her favorite hobbies are : Cooking, Crafting, Painting, Sketching, & Reading. She hopes to one day Open a studio for Free Sewing-Design workshops/seminars for future young designers in the community and hopefully in the world.


            J E S S I C A    -   R E S E N D I Z